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Annual satisfaction survey

Every year we reach out to our learners with our satisfaction survey because your feedback is invaluable.

By taking part in the short survey, you’ll be able to tell us what’s working well and we can understand were we need to make improvements.

Covering areas such as, your contact with us, the resources and support materials available and the general service you receive from the different CLS teams and staff you interact with, this is your chance to input into shaping the future of your learning experience.

You only need to complete the survey that relates to the course you are studying, so please select the relevant survey from the below list.

Apprenticeship students

(Please note if you join CLS in April or May 2024, you should not complete the survey)

The surveys will close on Wednesday 15 May, so don’t miss your chance to share your feedback with us.

The surveys are anonymous, useless you wish to share your contact details with us at the end of the survey.