Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) access

Last year CILEx Law School launched a new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) platform, the CLS Hub, to replace the Student Area. The majority of learners have been transferred from the Student Area to the CLS Hub, but some learners should continue to use the Student Area.

This page provides information about which VLE learners should use.

Which VLE platform should I use?


All learners who have been provided with a CLS Hub account should use the CLS Hub as their primary VLE.

CLS Hub access

Student Area

The following learners should continue to use the Student Area as their primary VLE:

  • Disclosure
  • Legal Studies
  • Legal Secretaries
  • Highways England Spring 17 Cohort
  • Highways England Summer 17 Cohort
  • CJA Spring 2019 Cohort
  • CPS Development for Paralegals Spring 19 Cohort
Student Area access

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