How we support you

In selecting CILEx Law School, an award-winning training provider owned and accredited by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx), you can be assured that you are choosing a partner with unparalleled credentials.

An experienced partner

Our unique flexible distance learning facilities allow your staff to learn at a pace that suits them and the business, which will help you get the best return on your investment in their development.

Our reputation for excellent customer service, combined with outstanding value for money, means that partner employers often stay with us for many years.

Giving clients the service they require

We work with each of our employer clients to tailor our service according to the type of training being delivered.

For apprenticeships you will have a dedicated member of our team who will help you navigate the funding rules and give advice and practical assistance on recruitment.

One of our team will be allocated to your account and will visit your apprentices in the workplace and liaise with their supervisors to ensure that work is being allocated of the right calibre to meet the programme’s objectives.

Many of our larger clients have created in-house academies where cohorts of students enrol on our CILEx courses. For these clients we offer in-house teaching sessions to supplement our distance learning course delivery.

We issue regular reports on staff progress through the assignments, and also on exam results when they are published.

Clients who require a bespoke training programme will work with our Academic Team to agree the syllabus and mode of delivery.

Training is entirely tailored to the level and scope of knowledge required for the job role within the client organisation. We can adapt and augment currently available courses, or write new material specifically for individual client needs.

Helping you achieve your business objectives

We appreciate how important it is for your lawyers to be able to delegate work, confident in the knowledge that high standards are maintained and clients are being well served.

If you are paying the apprenticeship levy, you will want to ensure that these payments are being used to the advantage of your business. We can give you expert advice on how to create a successful apprenticeship scheme and to draw down funds from your digital apprenticeship account. We are experts in legal apprenticeships and have been leading the introduction of apprentices into the sector over the past few years in response to government initiatives.

Enhance your social responsibility and ethical labour practices by home-growing talent. Apprenticeships can also allow you to develop links with local schools, a good way of achieving integration with the local community and employing talented school leavers for whom university may not be an option.

Rather than hire laterally and externally, our courses are designed to allow you to develop existing staff creatively and cost-effectively. From single course certificates for a practice-area switch to promoting an employee to fee earner, we offer a range of alternatives.

Training provides an opportunity to develop staff with the right attitude and aptitude. In addition, apprentices who have been given the chance to obtain qualifications and work experience at the same time will often be highly loyal to your organisation.

We can help you achieve compliance in a number of areas.

If you are a public sector organisation you will be aware of the mandatory target of 2.3% of the workforce being apprentices.

For commercial organisations, government tenders may require you to submit apprenticeship statistics, and employing apprentices can improve your competitiveness.

Training support staff in elements of law and practice relevant for their job roles can help you to meet the SRA’s code of conduct requirements to ‘train individuals working in the firm to maintain a level of competence appropriate to their work and level of responsibility’. You can meet this requirement by enrolling unqualified paralegal staff on relevant law and practice courses, which can be selected from a wide range of options to fit with specific job roles.

CILEx has regulation in place for members who have achieved Associate Membership, Graduate Membership or Fellowship. Enrolling your staff on courses to achieve these levels of membership will allow you to take advantage of CILEx’s regulatory framework, and give you increased confidence that, if knowledge is being kept up to date, the risk of errors occurring on client files will be reduced.

Options at every level

We offer a great selection of law, practice and professional skills courses. Many subjects are available at a choice of levels, enabling you to match training to learning needs with confidence.

The CILEx Level 3 Certificate in Law and Practice will provide entry-level paralegal staff with the technical knowledge and skills necessary to start contributing to your business quickly and effectively. Training support staff to become competent paralegals who can progress standard files will create loyal members of your team, who can free up qualified staff to work on higher value matters. There are ten Certificates to choose from, so that training is targeted to the required knowledge and skills, ensuring effective allocation of your budget.

If you have members of staff who show potential and enthusiasm, then you can use the CILEx career route to develop them all the way through to becoming a qualified Chartered Legal Executive (also known as a Fellow of CILEx). There are great benefits in selecting employees with the requisite attitude and motivation and ‘home-growing’ them into qualified lawyers through the CILEx route.

We offer an attractive career development route for law graduates, which avoids the cost of the LPC. It is called the CILEx Graduate Fast-track Diploma (GFTD). Law graduates who achieve the GFTD will satisfy the academic element of the Chartered Legal Executive qualification. The qualification also includes a period of qualifying employment, which your law graduates’ current work may already be contributing towards.

Legal apprenticeships are now available at a number of levels. There is also a Chartered Legal Executive Apprenticeship which is ideal if you wish to apply levy payments to fund staff who have already embarked on CILEx training.

As well as a legal administration programme, we also offer a business administration apprenticeship at Level 3 which are ideal for staff working in HR or in business support roles such as data entry.

Through our alliance with Kaplan and AVADO we can offer our clients a wide range of apprenticeships through a single point of contact. Programmes are available in finance, accountancy, marketing and IT.