Garwyn – the UK’s largest firm of specialist liability adjusters

One of our clients is Garwyn, the UK’s largest firm of specialist liability adjusters. We have developed a customised course for their trainee loss adjusters, which is tailored to meet the client’s needs in terms of academic level and syllabus content, ensuring that all study time is usefully employed.

The course is delivered by distance learning, and assessed by written coursework. Course materials also include an interactive web-based learning resource which allow students to complete a dummy civil litigation file from initiation of proceedings to closure.

Client testimonial

‘Garwyn decided to introduce a Trainee Adjuster Programme with three key elements: Insurance, Garwyn systems and procedures and Law.

We are a firm of liability adjusters possessing knowledge of insurance and the law but we are not course designers/trainers. Approaches were made to various organisations for assistance in the preparation of courses.

In respect of the law element of our course, we approached CILEx Law School. I had started my training many years previously with CILEx Law School and my recollection was that they were particularly good at what they do. Our subsequent discussions proved that still to be the case.

CILEx Law School have now designed a course specifically for our trainee liability adjusters as well as our experienced adjusters who may require refresher training. We have been delighted with the results achieved so far. CILEx Law School’s contribution to the course and enthusiasm for the project has confirmed our belief that with this training programme, we are moving in the right direction.’

John Bundy, Director of Legal Services, Garwyn