A second chance to build a professional career – Leonie Gee

I decided to study law after seeing the film Legally Blonde. I just woke up the next morning and thought: “I know! I’ll go to law school.” So that’s how it started.

I started at Birmingham University on the LLB course, however unfortunately I was not successful and therefore believed my legal career was over so I went back to South Africa. I studied for a Conveyancing Diploma while there and when I returned to the UK started working as a legal secretary where I was introduced to CILEx. At the age of 27 I enrolled on the first courses by distance learning and I am now a few years later coming to the end of my studies, which have been hard work, but worth it every step of the way.

If I had known about the CILEx route when I first went to university I would have chosen this instead. I have recommended this route to many friends. I think the CILEx route is possibly one of the best ways to get into law and should be presented to GCSE students with desires to go into the law as it would save them from years at University and thousands of pounds of student loans.