Building on a career as a legal secretary – Juliette Taylor

Many students enrol on CILEx courses after working as a legal secretary for a number of years.

Whilst I was studying for a legal secretary course at college I went on some work experience with Coodes Solicitors. They then offered me a job after two days and I have now worked there for ten years.

After a number years working there I decided to start studying for CILEx qualifications so that I could develop my career. A friend at work took the CILEx route to become a lawyer so I spoke to her about it and thought it was the best way to go. I did not want to be a full time University student as I work full time.

When I first started I was renting a property with my fiancé. I have since got married and moved house all whilst studying! Even with these distractions I find the course flexible enough that I could work around these commitments. Luckily my firm are paying for my course so I have not had to worry too much about the course financially.

I am currently a Personal Assistant in a Private Client Department at Coodes Solicitors, St Austell. I am also training as part of my CILEx course. As soon as I started the course I was given more work and received training so that I could progress and have had two promotions since.

The CILEx courses will definitely change my life. I feel like I am on a path to becoming a lawyer now which I didn’t know you could do without going to university. University is far too expensive and time consuming for me so I feel that this has given me a great opportunity to do what I want in life. I have already been recommending it to others!