Choosing the CILEx route after an LLB – Rachel Mynott

After finishing college where I had studied performing arts and music, and not knowing what I wanted to do, I took a job managing a bar. When the unsociable hours became too much I started looking for an office job to get some experience in a different field.

My first position in law was as the assistant to the principal of a high street law firm focusing mainly on family and child, criminal and mental health law. I was completely thrown in at the deep end having never worked in an office before, let alone a law firm. This position confirmed for me that I wanted to go on to pursue a career in law, and I enrolled on a law degree at Staffordshire University.

After graduation I knew that I couldn’t afford the LPC. I took a job working outside the legal world as a technical consultant in an energy firm, but was made redundant shortly later when I was also pregnant with my first child.

With my redundancy pay I decided to take the plunge and invest in the CILEx Graduate Fast-track Diploma courses with CILEx Law School and use it to enhance my prospects of future employment knowing I am going to need to find a new position following maternity leave.

So far I have attended the induction day with CILEx which was extremely helpful. The day was very well run and focused on everything that I needed to know about how to study with CILEx and to do well in the exams. I have started studying for my first module and am finding the study packs and online resources work very well together. I feel confident that I will be able to work through the study pack and pass the exam with little stress.

The CILEx route has allowed me to work towards my goal of becoming a lawyer despite my current financial situation and juggling a new born baby! It has given me the freedom to study in my own time and continue with my home life with the exciting prospect of finding the perfect job when the time comes. I have already recommended the CILEx route to university friends who also weren’t sure on what route to take following graduation.