Find out more about the role of a Private Client lawyer 

Susan Lynch works in the Wills and Probate department of a solicitors’ practice and was recently admitted as a Fellow of CILEx.

Why did you decide to progress your career by studying with CILEx Law School? 

I was working as a legal assistant supporting solicitors and lawyers when I decided to progress my career by studying with CILEx Law School.  

At the time, I had A-levels as well as a Diploma in Child Psychology. 

I chose CILEx Law School as it provided the option of distance learning which fitted in with my lifestyle.   

How have your studies helped your career? 

My studies have really helped my career as CILEx Law School has provided me with the information I require to be able to do my job.  Without the study, I would not have the knowledge to be able to advise clients correctly. The course books set out each area of the subject being studied and break it down into manageable chunks.  

What was the most positive aspect of studying with CILEx Law School? 

The feedback from my tutor after I had submitted my coursework was a positive experience as she set out in easy-to-understand language how my work could be improved whilst praising me for the sections I had answered correctly.   

The most useful resources are the handbooks provided by CILEx Law School.  They are very well set out and it is easy to source information within them.   

What is your current role – and what does it involve? 

I started as a specialist family lawyer with my current firm before moving to the Private Client department. My work includes taking instructions from clients and drafting wills. I also deal with the estates of those who have died – so, working out who is entitled to the money and assets of the estate. This includes estates where there is a will as well as those who have died without leaving a will, otherwise known as intestacy.  

What skills to do you need for your job? 

Private clients often require an empathetic approach as they are dealing with what is often a stressful time in their lives.  Dealing with those who have lost a loved one often requires diplomacy, especially if the will has not left them what they expected. I like to know that I have helped them at what is potentially a difficult and upsetting time for them.  

Why would you recommend distance-learning/studying with CILEx Law School to others? 

I would recommend distance learning if you prefer to study as and when you want to. Your time is your own and you can choose when to read your handbook and when to do the assignments. You do have to fairly strong willed and put aside time each week to study, but if you plan your week properly, anything is possible.