How my CILEx studies have helped me in my role as a senior administration manager – Linda Quinn

Linda Quinn has completed the CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice and is now an Associate Member of CILEx. She is working towards her Level 6 Professional Higher Diploma in Law and Practice

She explains how her CILEx studies have helped her in her role as a senior administration manager with Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, a company that develops and manages shopping centres:

Why CILEx Law School?

“I had been in my role for eight years and had a good understanding of how to draft a licence for temporary use within the centre but I wanted to gain more confidence to be able to take on more of the legal work within my department.

“After chatting with a colleague about how to gain more knowledge of property law he told me he was studying towards becoming a Chartered Legal Executive with CILEx Law School and encouraged me to do the same.”

How have your CILEx studies helped you in your job?

“As a senior administration manager, my role is to draft and agree all licence agreements and leases for our clients and tenants to gain access to the centres within the common mall. I also assist in drafting our brand partnership agreements.

“My CILEx studies have helped me to rewrite my job specification to partly remove the administration and finance aspects of the role so I can focus purely on the legal side. I feel clients and colleagues take my advice more seriously since I started my studies as I am a lot more confident in what I have to say.”

How was studying?

“My job is extremely busy so finding the working/study balance has, at times, been rather stressful. My company has been really supportive when it comes to time off for exams, which I am hugely appreciative of.

“Having completed Level 3, I am working through the six Level 6 units towards my CILEx Level 6 Professional Higher Diploma in Law and Practice and then complete my qualifying employment to become a Chartered Legal Executive. I would like to remain at Westfield and continue in my role, taking on more and more legal responsibility as I gain more experience and knowledge. After that, maybe I will become a judge?”