Law courses for service personnel – Christopher Spoors, Trainee Legal Executive, Andrew & Andrew LLP

I joined the Royal Navy after leaving school with only GCSEs and AS level Psychology. After serving for ten years I decided to try to fulfil my niggling desire to pursue a career in law. My research led me to the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) and CILEx Law School (CLS).

The CILEx qualification gives a cost effective, practical route to become a qualified Chartered Legal Executive and can also be used towards qualification as a solicitor.

CILEx Law School breaks down the qualifications into separate modules allowing you to pick and choose what module you want to study and when you want to do it. I discussed my goals with the CILEx Law School staff who were more than helpful , advising on the units I would need to study and the best way in which to group the modules to achieve my goals in the most efficient and cost effective way practical.

CILEx Law School provide course manuals which are easy to read and follow, setting out the aims of the chapters at the beginning and useful ‘check yourself’ sections at the end of each chapter. Along with the course manuals CILEx Law School offer a fantastic online student area. This straightforward, easy to use area has additional course materials to supplement the printed manuals including self-test multiple choice questions to use as revision aids, webcasts and study guides.

There is also a brilliant forum. You are able to access the forum day or night if you need support, or if there is a particular area of the syllabus you are struggling on, and you are sure to find an answer or an explanation on here from when someone else has had the same query. If not, the dedicated academic support team will post a reply to your query or point you in the right direction. You really could not ask for more!

Along with the forum, the academic support team are available via email and telephone if you wish to speak to one of them on a more personal level.

As well as all the online materials CILEx Law School offer a superb induction day at various locations throughout the country. This day is a must for any student about to commence studying with CILEx Law School. It offers a great insight into what to expect and teaches all the little tricks to help with distance learning.

Studying with CILEx Law School will greatly increase your job prospects. Leaving the Royal Navy with no legal knowledge, I secured a seven-week work attachment with Andrew & Andrew LLP solicitors, dealing with personal injuries for clients and have now been offered a further three-month contract. The CILEx qualification is very desirable within a law firm and will boost your chance of success in your new career choice.