Level 2 Certificate in Legal Studies was the ideal starting point after a long study break

Executive Assistant Emma Cleland describes how completing the CILEx Level 2 Certificate in Legal Studies was the perfect way to embark on her legal studies:

Why did you decide to progress your career by studying with CILEx Law School?  

I have been working as an Executive Assistant to a Senior Vice President within the in-house legal team for four years and I decided to take this course to learn about the legal environment.  

I have a great relationship with my manager and she encouraged me to start a course which would help me to evolve in my role. 

Why did you choose the CILEx Level 2 Certificate in Legal Studies? 

I was encouraged to start at Level 3 and gain a paralegal qualification, but as I had not undertaken any form of studying since my GCSEs at school over 20 years ago I didn’t feel confident and wanted to ease myself in gently. The Level 2 Certificate was a great way of doing this and building confidence in myself that I can do it. 

What was your most positive experience about studying with CILEx Law School? 

Studying the Level 2 Certificate with CILEx Law School has given me the confidence to progress onto the Level 3 Certificate in Law and Practice 

I have found the tutors really helpful and their advice helped me out of a few tricky questions along the way. I also really liked the access to the forums as I found many of my questions had previously been asked and answered. 

Would you recommend distance learning with CILEx Law School to others?  

I would definitely recommend distance learning.  For me, working full time and having a two-year- old daughter, I found it very daunting to think I would have the time to fit anything else in! As the Level 2 Certificate is flexible and only entailed written assignments, rather than having to study for unseen exams on a set date, this really helped as I could pick and choose when I had the time before requesting my next assignment.