‘My job is so rewarding as you’re playing a role in a major part of someone’s life’ 

Lucy McDonald is a Conveyancing Paralegal at Mark Swatts Morse LLP. She is currently working towards her CILEx Level 3 Certificate in Law and Practice and eventually aspires to become a Fellow of CILEx.

Why did you choose to study with CILEx Law School? 

I have worked in residential conveyancing since leaving school at 16.  I enjoy working in law and did not wish to give up my position as a paralegal to be able to gain a qualification. Studying with CILEx Law School is the best option for me as I can work full time and study together. 

What do you do, and what does your job involve? 

I have worked as a conveyancing paralegal for more than five years. In that time I have gained the knowledge to be able to run my own caseload with the firm I currently work for. 

My job involves a large amount of corresponding with clients, other firms of solicitors and third parties such as estate agents by letter, email and telephone. On most days I will also carry out  technical legal work, such as reviewing the title deeds for a property my client is purchasing, or I will send them a final due diligence report summarising my findings and enquiries regarding the property. I also carry out administrative tasks such as ID checks on clients and updating third parties how a transaction is progressing.   

What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

​I find my role rewarding because moving house or buying your first home is such a major part of someone’s life, and I feel extremely grateful that I get to be part of that process and help to ensure that the transaction runs smoothly. The most satisfying part of my job is the day of a client’s completion when they are able to move into their new house and I get to call them and let them know they can collect their keys. It is always lovely to hear someone thank me for my hard work.  

How have your studies helped your career? 

From the moment I began my studies I immediately felt more confident in my job and as though I was able to form legal arguments and carry out my own research to solve issues I would come across on a daily basis.  

One of the reasons I enjoy my job is that issues I have not previously encountered come to light nearly every day. I feel like my studies with CILEx Law School have given me the information and ability I need to overcome them independently. 

What has been your most positive experience about studying with CILEx Law School so far, and which resources have you found most useful?  

Passing the first two exams I have sat has definitely been my most positive experience so far. I felt prepared for them thanks to the online resources and study exercises available to CILEx Law School students. It is a little more challenging going into an exam that you have worked towards independently.  

I am quite old fashioned in that I like to study from a textbook and therefore I have found the hard copy study books the most useful resource for my revision and learning. 

Why would you recommend distance learning with CILEx Law School to others?  

CILEx Law School is great in the sense that you have everything you need in one place – the Student Area – and you can learn at your own pace. That means you can spend more time revising things you don’t understand and move on quickly from areas which you do. That isn’t an option where you are in a classroom full of other students. There are always tutors available to help you should you need them too. 

What are your career intentions?  

I would love to complete the next levels of study with CILEx Law School and, combined with the experienced and knowledge I will gain along the way, eventually become a Fellow member 

I am currently a fee-earner under the supervision of a Partner within the firm I work for. I strive to run my own caseload in the future without supervision and continue to provide a friendly yet professional service to all of my clients.