Qualifying as a Chartered Legal Executive – Alex Lawrence, Ward Gethin Archer

Alex Lawrence is a Graduate Member of CILEx currently working at Ward Gethin Archer. She will become a qualified Chartered Legal Executive on completion of her qualifying employment. She describes how her colleagues encouraged her to study with CILEx Law School – and how her studies have benefited her in her job.

Why I chose CILEx over going to university?

“I started my AS levels, but did not complete these as I felt as though sixth form and university were not the route I wanted to take. The constant push to go to university really put me off as I did not want to get myself into a huge amount of debt.

“I started at my previous employer, Fraser Dawbarns LLP, when I was 17 years old and I completed two business and administration apprenticeships, as I felt these would benefit me at work.

“I started working as a junior secretary and also helped on reception. I then worked my way up to legal secretary, legal assistant, paralegal and finally trainee Chartered Legal Executive. That is the position I hold at my current employer, Ward Gethin Archer, where I am working in the Conveyancing Department. I am looking forward to becoming a Fellow when I finish my period of qualifying employment.”

Why CILEx Law School?

“I heard about the CILEx route through my colleagues – I worked as a secretary and the two people I worked for are Chartered Legal Executives.

“They both encouraged me to look into the CILEx route once I completed my two apprenticeships. They said that learning on the job really benefited them and helped their careers. I could not agree more now!

“When I decided to study CILEx courses, I came across CILEx Law School and realised the way that they provided materials etc would really fit around my work by allowing me study in the evening/weekends. The online support offered was a big selling point for me too.

“As a trainee Chartered Legal Executive, I run a full case load of files. My studies have helped massively in allowing me to better myself at my job. That means my job can progress, being recognised by partners and other members of staff in the firm.”

What next? 

“Studying while working full time was at times stressful, but I am a bit lost now as I miss studying! I took all my Level 3 and Level 6 units over a period of four years so it has been pretty intensive.

“The Level 6 exams are much more demanding than Level 3 so I had to ensure that I took sufficient time off work to allow myself to revise and prepare myself for them.

“I am preparing my CILEx work-based learning portfolio to submit for my Fellowship application and then I will be a fully qualified Chartered Legal Executive. I wish to continue building a strong client base at work and to continue to learn and to go stronger in my role.  In the future I aspire to become an associate and partner of a firm.”