‘Studying with CLS offers me the flexibility of doing as many units as I want at any one time’

Law graduate Nicola Highland currently works as a paralegal in commercial property. She is studying the Graduate Fast-track Diploma with CILEx Law School to qualify as a Chartered Legal Executive.

How did you hear about the CILEx route and why did you choose to study with CILEx Law School?

I have an LLB Law Degree from the University of Portsmouth, and I heard about the CILEx route from colleagues and peers there who chose this route.

I currently work as a paralegal in commercial property. I felt that in order to progress in my career I would need to complete my further studies, whether that be by way of the Legal Practice Course or the CILEx route as I have always been ambitious in my career.

Distance learning allowed me to continue working full time whilst studying. And studying with CILEx Law School offered me the flexibility of studying as many units as I wanted at any one time. So, I chose to do both my Level 6 practice units and the Client Care Skills unit all at the same time.

How have you balanced working and studying at the same time?

Studying and working at the same time is very demanding so you have to have strong will power to dedicate time after work and at the weekends to ensure that you are fully prepared for the exams.

I found the study exercises were helpful to gauge how well you understand the unit as the tutors are able to give you clear advice. The study exercises helped me to work out whether or not I was answering the questions in the right way so this was good preparation for the exams.

I recommend attending the revision days, especially if you are distance learning, as you can discuss any issues that have arisen with the lecturer one to one. I would also always recommend going through the past papers as an extra revision tool.