Using CILEx for a career change – Mary Marriot

After more than twenty years as a customer service manager I elected for a career change and successfully applied for a position as a litigation officer with an energy company. Agreeing to study for the CILEx qualifications was a prerequisite to securing my new role.

My job includes assessing claims for suitability for litigation, preparing documents, and progressing claims right through to trial. The experience I have gained through my work, alongside the knowledge I have gained through studying at the same time, has meant that I have really grown in confidence in my role and as a person. My studying is supported fully by employer in respect of costs, expenditure and providing time off for exam preparation.

Reaching the big forty gave me the motivation to strive for something else in life. You do need to be motivated, as reading the manuals and preparing for exams can be very difficult with a family and work to juggle. As well as working full-time I have a family at home including my granddaughter, who was two when I started. But it is completely worth it when you get the results that you aimed to achieve.

I applied for the role I am in because I wanted to change my career. Not only did I get to change my career but I have also now got the opportunity to progress in that career with the knowledge I have gained from CILEx. It’s not easy, but it is really worth it. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?