Using CILEx to develop a career in your 30s and 40s – Elizabeth Preston

Law has always held my interest, and I had previously worked for an accident management company as a liaison assistant, dealing with personal injury claims. At the age of 39, while working as a legal PA, I found out about the CILEx route and realised that this offered me the chance to qualify as a lawyer while continuing to work. My employers, JE Bennett Law, who are a private client practice, agreed to support me in thisand I moved from a secretarial role to become a Trainee Legal Executive.

I receive a great deal of support and encouragement from my employers, who contribute to my course fees. I am a single mum and work part-time, doing most of my studies in the evening once my 9-year-old is in bed. The CILEx route is a good way for someone at any stage in life to work towards a desired career, while still continuing to earn. It is lengthy, but if you never start – you’ll never finish !