Using CILEx units for specialist knowledge – John Hancock

As a project manager and subsequently a bid manager for an IT company, I became involved in negotiating the finer detail in contracts. In 2010, I was appointed as contract manager for a major elections project which was delivered in 2012. I decided that I wanted to improve my knowledge on contract law and started to look for suitable courses and a colleague who is a solicitor suggested CILEx.

I was 49 when I started studying for CILEx exams and I hadn’t studied since completing my Computer Science degree many years before. I initially intended to study just the CILEx Level 3 Contract Law module – but this ignited by interest in law in general. I have now completed four other Level 3 units and have started work on two further units. I do not have to study more however my experience with CILEx makes me want to study more.

I work closely with our two in-house solicitors on contracts. I am looking to extend this to other areas such as employment law. My responsibilities are expanding as a direct result of my studies.