Using CILEx units for specialist knowledge – Peter Merrill

I’m a Commercial Manager within a private sector listed company. A large part of my current role is around the creation, negotiation and amendment of new and existing contracts. I then work closely with our in house legal team. I’ve always had a keen interest in law and so when I was given the opportunity to expand my knowledge the CILEx route seemed like a good choice.

My employer is paying my course fees, which is great. What I am hoping is that the qualifications will enable me to become more autonomous in my role and take on more responsibility that I would ordinarily pass on to our legal team.

The CILEx qualifications are a great choice for someone (like myself) who didn’t get a degree after school. My first job at 16 was as a trainee bank clerk, working in the “machine room” sorting cheques, dealing with account enquiries etc. This was back in the day when loans were still written in a massive paper ledger and every branch had a bank manager!

For sure the studies can continue for a long time but I guess it depends how far you want to take it. I’m probably a bit too long in the tooth for my life chances to be changed now, but you never know! Based on my experience to date, I’d definitely recommend it to others.