Using CILEx units for specialist knowledge – Steve Butler

As a Chartered Surveyor I have been dealing with the law on a daily basis since I started working. I have my own business in the Midlands dealing with residential property and act as an expert in valuation and boundary matters.

I have always been interested in the legal side of the job and sought out the CILEx Level 3 courses to satisfy the CPD training that all Chartered Surveyors have to do. The cost of a unit at Level 3 is comparable with a day at a CPD course run by RICS, but provides lots more CPD hours.

I have so far studied land law, contract law, the law of tort, and wills and succession at Level 3. Being able to study bite-size courses of my choice suits me very well. I have already been able to use my knowledge to help provide pointers for solicitors who have instructed me to write expert reports and in the running of my business and domestic life. No more being fobbed off by customer services now that I know the Sales of Goods Act!

The courses from CILEx Law School strike a good balance between introducing the subjects and testing the candidates. The practice papers and tutor feedback, mock exams and past papers are very useful. I also sent a number of e-mails with technical queries to the support team and they always came back with good answers.