Using the CILEx Level 3 Certificate to get into law – Simon Thorn

I first got interested in law because part of my previous job required me to instruct a solicitor to litigate on property cases which could not be resolved via negotiation. The CILEx route was recommended to me by the solicitor I used to work with on these cases.

Initially funding was a problem but I was fortunate to get a PPI windfall, which paid for my first five Level 3 units leading to the CILEx Level 3 Certificate in Law and Practice (Civil Litigation).

Once I had achieved my Certificate, I applied for a role with a personal injury law firm. I had no previous experience in dealing in personal Injury, but because I had passed the exams in Tort and Civil Litigation, I was able to demonstrate relevant knowledge and application of the law.

I act predominantly for utility companies, handling defendant employer’s liability and public liability personal injury claims.

I was 31 when I started studying for my CILEx qualifications. I have a wife who is a full time mature student and a young daughter. Unfortunately shortly after starting my studies, my daughter suffered two strokes and sustained brain damage. My life has been rather in turmoil over the past two years. I am only able to do my study before work (I get in early) and bed-time reading for revision and completing assignments.

The CILEx Law School courses are excellent. Distance learning is most suited to my needs. Everyone who works at Cilex Law School is so professional and knowledgeable. Members are treated like individuals, not a number or a customer. They especially understand can relate to the diverse backgrounds people come from and the fact they have to fit in study to a full time job, life and children.

Cilex Law School and the CILEx route make it possible for people in their late 20s 30s and 40s who have full time jobs and families to support, to become qualified in law and become a Chartered Legal Executive. The course and route is well designed. It has given me the opportunity to earn and learn at the same time. My aim is to work for a top 500 law firm in London.