Apprentice at a local council – Billy Attaway, Swale Borough Council

I have been working as a Level 2 Legal Administration apprentice at Swale Borough Council for five months.

I applied for an apprenticeship because I did not want to get into debt by going to university to study. I thought it would be a lot better to do an apprenticeship and learn from real life experiences instead of textbooks; plus, I get paid to study instead of paying to study.

The apprenticeship is exactly what I expected. As well as being kept busy at work, at the same time you are set coursework by your tutor and have study materials to read.

Some of my daily jobs at the Council include collecting and sending out the post, as well as helping out with a weekly planner which tells everyone working in the legal department where staff are and which office they are working in. On top of my regular tasks, we have different work requests coming through from other teams.

I find working for the Council interesting. I like seeing how the work the legal department does feeds into the work the other departments do in my local area.

I think the biggest benefit of an apprenticeship is that, unlike my friends who did go to university, I have already started paying into my pension and have gained experience and made my name in an organisation where I could potentially spend the rest of my working life. When I talk to my friends about future things, like pensions, they start to get worried because they won’t start paying in for three more years, while I’ve got a head start and could potentially be better off in the future.

This case study was published for National Apprenticeship Week 2017