A new qualification for a new kind of lawyer

Today we are delighted to announce that CILEX has launched the CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ). CPQ has been designed in consultation with employers and students and sets a new benchmark for a professional qualification by putting practical competencies and commercial awareness at its heart. Those who complete the qualification will be recognised as CILEX Lawyers and have equal status with their Solicitor and Barrister counterparts.

What is CPQ?

The CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ) is the route to becoming a CILEX Paralegal, CILEX Advanced Paralegal or CILEX Lawyer. It is a competency-based qualification framework that acknowledges the requirements of a rapidly evolving legal and business landscape and is progressive across three stages – CPQ Foundation, CPQ Advanced and CPQ Professional – founded on the CILEX Competency Framework. Each stage combines a focus on technical expertise and practical skills with the development of the core behaviours required to create forward-thinking, commercially minded, adaptable lawyers who really understand the clients they serve.

Its structure and content will enable you to demonstrate practical understanding and competence of the law required today. Each stage will take between 18 to 24 months – although you can progress at whatever speed suits you – meaning you could qualify as a CILEX Lawyer in 5 to 6 years. We will support your development at every stage of progression.

Personalised to you

If you are an undergraduate or have a postgraduate legal qualification, you will not have to start at the beginning. Equally, CPQ recognises that not everyone will want or need to progress through all three stages of the full qualification. This flexibility allows you to shape your own career whilst demonstrating your expertise in core areas of law. Additionally, the higher stage of CPQ enables you to specialise in a choice of fields that reflect your professional interests or the focus of your employer’s practice.

You will be able to register to study CPQ through CILEX Law School in June 2021*. To find out more contact us at 01234 844 300 or visit bit.ly/cilexcpq

*subject to approval

“The CPQ is a qualification that is rigorous in composition and content, yet accessible in implementation and delivery. We aim to use the power of education to enable greater inclusion and advancement in the legal profession based on merit not status. The CPQ offers a practical and affordable option for firms wishing to invest in their workforce and for individuals pursuing professional development.”

Professor Stephen Lee, Chair of CILEx Law School