Bar Standards Board to work with CILEx Law School on in-house training

The Bar Standards Board is to introduce new training for its support staff in the English Legal System. Many staff within the BSB already have legal qualifications, but the new training, to be delivered by CILEx Law School will be offered to those in roles which do not specifically require existing legal qualifications.

Dr Vanessa Davies, Director General of the BSB said: “It is important that all members of staff at the Bar Standards Board have an understanding of the sector, and the role played by the Bar in the administration of justice in England and Wales. This initiative will help us to deliver consistent service to the public and the profession.”

There will be between 10 and 20 learners beginning the programme in January 2015. They will study the CILEx Level 3 unit called “Introduction to Law and Practice” with a view to sitting the exam in June 2015. The training will be delivered by a combination of distance learning and in-house teaching.

Jenny Pelling, Business Director of CILEx Law School, said: “At CILEx Law School we require all of our Customer Service Team to undertake introductory training in law and legal practice, so I have seen at first hand the benefits of such an initiative. We look forward to working with the BSB on this project.”

Diane Burleigh, Chief Executive of CILEx, commented: “We are pleased to work with the BSB on supporting their learning and development. The BSB and CILEx recognise it is important for all employees to be knowledgeable of the wider field they work in, and particularly for regulators to enable them to understand their regulated community even better. CILEx’s education and training is used around the world by aspiring lawyers, paralegals, and in-house teams to develop their understanding of the legal system in England and Wales.”

If you would like inhouse training for your staff please contact Noel Inge on 01234 844325.