BBC Two documentary leads to life-changing opportunity for Natalie Briggs

Being featured in BBC Two’s ‘Money’ documentary has led to the offer of a life-changing career sponsorship for Natalie Briggs.

Natalie was in her own words, “slated on the internet and on the Matthew Wright Show” following the screening of the ‘Money’ documentary on BBC2 last December. However as a result she was contacted by a retired film producer who has offered her sponsorship to study the LLB in Legal Practice offered jointly by Manchester Metropolitan University and CILEx Law School by distance learning.

Natalie currently works as a legal secretary for a firm in Nantwich and in the documentary she was portrayed as being frustrated by her husband Dave’s financial success in his chosen career in science. Now she herself is being given the chance to increase her earning capacity through studying for a law degree which will lead to her becoming a fully qualified lawyer. Natalie’s sponsor, who does not wish to be named, said:

“I first saw Natalie on a BBC television programme. Although she had no more than five minutes of screen time, it was enough to see that this was a bright, articulate woman, full of potential and frustrated ambitions for herself and her family, who badly needed a second chance. I have been fortunate enough to earn good money in a career I loved. Now that I am retired, I’ve decided to find others whom I can help to do the same.”

Natalie said: “I am really thrilled that, as well as the public lambasting that I received after the screening of the documentary, there has also been a silver lining. I chose the LLB in Legal Practice as it is a distance learning law degree designed to allow students to work full-time alongside their studies. It has a more practical content than many purely academic law degrees, which really appeals to me.”

BBC Two’s Money documentary was screened in December 2011. The links below capture the debate that occurred following the documentary:

Natalie has enrolled on the course to start in September 2012.

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