CILEx Fellows gain independent practice rights in immigration

Recent rights acquired by CILEx mean that Chartered Legal Executives are now entitled to act independently as immigration advisors if they satisfy the requirements of CILEx’s new immigration advisor scheme. Immigration is a regulated legal activity which means it is a criminal offence to provide immigration advice and services without authorisation by a regulator. Many Chartered Legal Executives have already done this work for many years, to the satisfaction of their clients, and will welcome the opportunity to practise in their own names rather than as someone else’s employee.

Applicants for immigration rights under the new scheme must be Chartered Legal Executives who have demonstrated their competence to become an authorised immigration practitioner. Part of the requirement is for the applicant to have studied Immigration Law to honours degree level or equivalent. Success in the CILEx Level 6 course in Immigration Lawsatisfies this element. CILEx Law School offers this course by distance learning.

Where a CILEx Fellow, who has qualified as an immigration practitioner, wants to practise independently they must also seek regulation of their legal practice.