CILEx Law School: advisory role on legal apprenticeships

Legal apprenticeships were introduced in 2013, and CILEx Law School has been at the forefront of raising awareness about them and making them accessible to all since then.

That is in contrast to recent research by The Sutton Trust showing that the majority of pupils are missing out on receiving advice about apprenticeships.

The social mobility charity asked more than 3,500 pupils, teachers and school leaders for their views on apprenticeships.

Among the most stark findings were that while 64 per cent of young people said they would be “very or fairly interested in doing an apprenticeship”, only two-fifths (41 per cent) of the 2,381 surveyed said a teacher had discussed the idea of an apprenticeship with them at school.

That’s backed up by feedback saying that almost two-thirds (64 per cent) of the teachers surveyed said they’d “rarely or never” advise a high-performing student to choose an apprenticeship.
In an article advocating the benefits of legal apprentices, CLS’s Director of Business and Apprenticeships Jenny Pelling said: “To recruit high-calibre candidates, we work with schools in employers’ local areas to raise awareness amongst bright school leavers and to break down misperceptions.

“We currently have around 400 apprentices on programmes with a wide variety of law firms, local authorities and other organisations. These programmes offer the opportunity for young people to get into a very competitive sector and gain professional qualifications.”

CILEx Law School offers legal apprenticeships at all levels, from Level 3 Apprenticeships in Business Administration to the six-year Solicitor Apprenticeship with either City Law School or Northumbria University, which incorporates achieving a law degree after four years.

To see what is currently available, check out our vacancies page.

You can find out more about the apprenticeships we offer and the pathways into the legal sector on our website or by calling 01234 844300.