CILEx Law School celebrates 30 years

Whilst CILEx has been celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013, CILEx Law School has also reached an important milestone. It is thirty years since we were set up as ILEX Tutorial Services Ltd in 1983.

ILEX Tutorial Services became ILEX Tutorial College during the 1990s. In 2013, as well as entering our fourth decade, we adopted the name of CILEx Law School, following the Institute of Legal Executives becoming the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives in 2012.

A celebration for staff on 4th October focused on Ruby Denton’s service throughout the full thirty years. Ruby was employed when the tutorial service was set up, and became one of the founding members of staff. She has worked in a variety of functions throughout the last three decades, and is currently the Customer Service Manager, supervising our team of ten customer service advisors.

Ruby said: “I was employed in September 1983 as the sole computer operator to record students’ details, the courses they had registered on, and the allocated tutors. All the assignment marks were also entered on the database. When I first started here there were 15 members of staff across the Institute and the college: now there are 125 and the group is still growing.

It has been a pleasure working in many areas of the college, but I must confess the position I hold now gives me the most job satisfaction. I hope to continue to enjoy working for the group for many years to come.”

Ruby Denton cutting the cake at a staff party to celebrate her 30 years at CILEx Law School on 4th October 2013.