CILEx Law School sponsors ILEX Employer of the Year Award

The ILEX Employer of the Year award, sponsored by CILEx Law School, was awarded to Bott & Company at the ILEX Graduation Ceremony on 11 April 2011. Based in Cheshire, Bott & Company were recognised for the support and encouragement they have given to ILEX members and students when pursuing the ILEX route to becoming a qualified lawyer.

ILEX President David McGrady said: “ILEX is grateful to all employers who support Legal Executive students and the level of nominations this year was very high. However, Bott & Company’s initiative to single out development through the ILEX qualification via its academy showed great commitment to the advancement of not just Legal Executives but of the legal sector as a whole”.

Bott and Company used CILEx Law School as its preferred supplier for all ILEX courses for the students that it sponsors through the legal executive qualifications.

Practice manager Paul Hinchliffe of Bott and Company with other prizewinners at the ILEX ceremony on 11 April 2011.

Left to right: Paul Hinchliffe, Practice Manager at Employer of the year, Bott and Company; Anna Lloyd ILEX Student of the year and Bernard D’Monte ILEX President’s Medal winner.