CILEx Law School students achieve a very strong exam performance once again

The results for the CILEx June 2017 exam session show a strong perfomance from CILEx Law School (CLS) students once again.

The overall CILEx pass rate at Level 3 was 72%, but CLS students achieved a significantly better performance with a pass rate of 79%. CLS students represented almost half of all CILEx Level 3 students in this exam session, so our results have a big influence on the overall CILEx results. The pass rate for students entering exams from all other institutions was 66%.

At Level 6, the overall CILEx pass rate was 59% which compares with a CLS pass rate of 65%. CLS students represented over half of Level 6 students, so again the overall CILEx results are affected by our students’ performance. The pass rate at Level 6 for students studying at other institutions was 53%.

The pass rate for the professional skills units – Client Care Skills and Legal Research Skills – was 100% at both Level 3 and Level 6.

Morag Hiskett, Marketing Manager for CLS said: “Students studying for exams with CLS really benefit from the opportunity to submit written study exercises as they progress through their courses, followed by a mock exam as part of their exam preparation. All written work is marked by specialist tutors who provide detailed feedback. CLS students who take advantage of these resources are well practised in exam-style questions and this shows in our overall results.”

CLS students as a whole consistently outperform the CILEx pass rates.