CLS students deliver a strong exam performance

The results for the CILEx January 2017 show a strong perfromance from CILEx Law School (CLS) students once again.

The overall CILEx pass rate at Level 3 was 74%, but CLS students achieved a significantly better performance with a pass rate of 81%. CLS students represent approximately half of all CILEx Level 3 students, so our results have a big influence on the overall CILEx results. The pass rate for students entering exams from other institutions was 67%.

At Level 6, the overall CILEx pass rate was 56% which compares with a CLS pass rate of 65%. CLS students represent three-fifths of Level 6 students, so again the overall CILEx pass rates are affected by our results. The pass rate at Level 6 for students studying at other institutions was 43%.

Kim Morrison, Academic Director at CILEx Law School, said: “CILEx Law School students get the opportunity to test their knowledge of topics through submitting written work for feedback throughout the duration of their courses with us. It is one thing to understand law or legal practice when reading about it in theory, but something quite different to be able to apply that knowledge to answer an exam question. Our students are offered experience in answering essay-style questions based on law and legal practice scenarios, and this pays off when it comes to sitting the real exams.”