HMRC to recruit a further 19 legal apprentices across seven offices

HM Revenue and Customs is expanding its apprenticeship programme in September 2016, hiring 19 new legal apprentices in the HMRC Solicitors Office & Legal Services (SOLS). SOLS provides legal services to the whole of HMRC.

The apprentices will follow either the Intermediate Apprenticeship in Legal Administration or CILEx Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Legal Services programmes. They will be based in HMRC’s Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham and London offices, with a cohort of nine based in London. CILEx Law School is HMRC’s training provider for legal apprenticeships.

HMRC has been running a successful legal apprenticeship programme with CILEx Law School since 2014. Katy Brown, one of the current legal apprentices, said: “The apprenticeship is not what I expected at all, it is so much more. HMRC is very supportive and there are always different learning seminars taking place for people to continuously improve.” Read more about her experience here.

Daren Timson-Hunt, Head of Legal Profession and Deputy Director, Legal Operations Directorate, HMRC, said: “This is an exciting time to join SOLS as we build up and continuously improve our merged legal services. These roles offer excellent professional and personal development opportunities. We look forward to expanding our successful programme and continuing our positive relationship with CILEx Law School.”

Jenny Pelling, Director of Business and Apprenticeships at CILEx Law School, said: ”HMRC offers impressive work and a supportive culture for school leavers looking for a non-traditional route into law. We are pleased to be working closely with HMRC to build on the success of the early apprentices and now offer the programme for HMRC across the country.”