Legal apprenticeships being used to develop current staff members who show potential

Angelina Aitan joined Bailey Wright & Co in September 2014 as a Legal Administration Apprentice, having left school after GCSEs and done a legal secretarial course for one year at college. She completed her Intermediate Apprenticeship in Legal Administration in September 2015 and has now moved on to the Advanced Apprenticeship in Legal Services. As she was still aged 18 at the start of her apprenticeship, her training is being paid fully by public funds.

Angelina said: “On completion of my level 2, I wanted to progress with the apprenticeship route so that I can learn whilst earning and combine my academic studies with work-based learning. I have only just started the level 3 apprenticeship and can already feel the difference, as the academic learning is more structured and will eventually enable me to manage my own case load. I am more involved with handling files and carrying out legal research. The whole apprenticeship has given me a huge confidence boost. The idea of attending court and meetings made me feel quite nervous at the start, but now I enjoy it and it feels completely natural. The apprenticeship is giving me knowledge and experience at such a young age.

My aim is to grow with Bailey Wright & Co. Solicitors and become a successful Chartered Legal Executive.”

Karen Bailey, partner at Bailey Wright & Co, said: “I became involved with the apprenticeship scheme as I saw it as a way of providing young people with the opportunity to work within the legal profession who might not necessarily have done so. It is a great way of them developing skills at a steady pace, while providing benefits to the firm at the same time. I am very pleased that CILEx, with its long and successful history of training lawyers in the work place, is now providing an apprenticeship. I am impressed with what I have seen so far and Angelina is enjoying and benefitting from it, which is important.

The apprenticeship is being delivered by CILEx Law School.

Jenny Pelling, Business Director at CILEx Law School, said: “Law firms are able to draw down public funding to give bright young employees an opportunity for development, which will benefit both the firm and the apprentice. We look forward to watching Angelina’s progress during the course of her apprenticeship.”