New LLB in Legal Practice launched

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new LLB in Legal Practice in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University. This is a qualifying law degree with a difference – it fulfils all the academic requirements to become a legal executive lawyer within the degree itself. So, on graduating, you will be spoilt for choice: you can become a Graduate Member of ILEX straight away and start working on, or topping up, your qualifying employment to become a legal executive laywer. Atlernatively, if you want to use your degree as part of the solicitor or barrister training route you can use it to gain access to the Legal Practice Course or Bar Professional Training Course.

This degree will be of interest to prospective legal executives who have already got experience of studying to A level and who would like to acquire a law degree on their way to becoming a legal executive lawyer. It is also an ideal degree for anyone interested in law who wishes to keep their options as wide as possible. The legal practice element of the degree is an ideal way to show an employer that you haven’t just learnt about the the law: you have also learnt how to apply it.