Success and fulfilment for Level 2 Apprentices

Browne Jacobson employed a number of apprentices in 2012 for the Level 2 Apprenticeship in Legal Administration. CILEx Law School delivered this apprenticeship in partnership with Vision Apprentices, with CILEx Law School delivering the technical legal knowledge and Vision delivering the competence training. Here are the comments of these young people after one year:

Before I started my apprenticeship, I was intrigued as to how the separate tutoring from CILEx Law School and Vision could be combined. But, once I was introduced to Jane and Josie, from CILEx Law School and Vision respectively, they clearly conveyed how the apprenticeship tuition would work. Every session we had with CILEx Law School was structured so effectively, that we could each take something out of each session and use within our day to day work. The Business Admin NVQ sessions with Vision were very much productive and most of the elements that were taught, were useful for my role.

I feel that I have come such a long way since the beginning of my apprenticeship, with the help of Vision and CILEx Law School. Jane Dexter, who works for CILEx Law School, helped me develop my understanding of law in which I went from knowing a basic amount to being able to pass the exam. I have thoroughly enjoyed expanding my knowledge in this subject and taking on the challenges this course has offered and look forward to continuing my education with Vision and CILEx law School.

This year has been an invaluable experience that I am very grateful for. The assessments from Vision are enjoyable because they are work orientated and Unit 204 on the English Legal System was very rewarding. The involvement of CILEx Law School has been exceptional and this apprenticeship has given me a phenomenal introduction to law.

Working at Browne Jacobson has been a surreal adventure; I have been able to become part of a team and broaden my horizons with the new universally useable set of skills and knowledge that has come with this opportunity. I love to learn but didn’t feel University was right for me, I wanted a break from the classroom environment and to be in the real working world, with Unit 204 on the English Legal System I am allowed to do both these things. The tutors at CILEx Law School and Vision are very focused on your needs, they go out of their way to help move you in the right direction when it comes to your progression and are always willing to be there when needed. Overall, the teaching experience has been immensely enjoyable and has allowed me to carry on doing the thing I love whilst allowing me to experience the working world hands on.


I feel that I have built a very solid foundation of knowledge in my first year of employment thanks to Vision and CILEx Law School. The courses have been very enjoyable and easy to follow with an appropriate range of activities to complete. I thoroughly believe that if you enjoy the topic you are learning about then you are more likely to succeed and this is definitely the case with my learning alongside both Vision and CILEx Law School. I have enjoyed taking on the challenges that they have offered and feel like I am progressing in my daily working role thanks to them. I am very grateful for the past year and look forward to carrying on with my studies in the future.

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