Successful Ofsted monitoring visit for CILEx Law School’s apprenticeship provision

CILEx Law School’s apprenticeship provision was reviewed by Ofsted during an early monitoring visit which took place on 16-17 January 2019.

The report covers delivery of apprenticeships in Levels 2-5 which include Business Administrator and Paralegal Apprenticeships.  

Key findings include that:  

Apprentices develop new skills, knowledge and behaviours well. These are directly relevant to their workplaces and enable them to contribute effectively to their teams. Employers rightly consider that apprentices make an important contribution to their business. 

The monitoring visit requires providers to show reasonable progress in three main areas of apprenticeship delivery: leadership, quality and outcomes of training and safeguarding. A government report issued in January 2019 indicated that 20% of providers inspected during the period up to November 2018 had made insufficient progress in at least one of the key areas. This can result in them being barred from taking on new apprentices.

CILEx Law School made reasonable progress in all three areas. This denotes that the provider is taking actions that are having a beneficial impact on apprentices and is making improvements that are both sustainable and based on thorough quality assurance procedures. The full report can be seen here.

Jenny Pelling, Director of Business and Apprenticeships, said: “We welcome this endorsement of our apprenticeship provision and are delighted that our investment in staff and learning resources have led to this recognition. As well as the confidence that this gives to current employers and apprentices, the report is also important reassurance for clients gearing up to take on this year’s school leavers that their training provider is permitted to take on new apprenticeship starts.”