You’ve done it again!

CILEx Law School students put in an excellent performance in the June 2012 CILEx exam session to achieve an 81% pass rate at Level 3 and 64% at Level 6. Both of these results are significantly above the overall CILEx pass rates of 67% and 58% respectively.

There were 400 distinctions at Level 3 which represents 30% of the total Level 3 exams taken by CILEx Law School students. At Level 6, which is set at honours-degree level, 73 exam passes (7%) were distinctions. Distinctions for CILEx overall were 20% at Level 3 and 6% at Level 6, so CILEx Law School students have performed extremely well on this measure.

As well as the examined subjects, almost 500 passes were announced in the June 2012 results for Level 3 and Level 6 professional skills units, which are assessed by coursework.

Including the skills units, pass rates for CILEx Law School students were 84% at Level 3 and 71% at Level 6. Congratulations to all successful students who achieved these fantastic results.