5 keys to revision success

There are five key aspects to getting exam ready:

1. Environment

  • Use a conducive studying environment and set yourself up comfortably with drinks and snacks
  • If you can, study in the mornings when you are freshest and repeat key concepts at night so they stick
  • Eat healthily and exercise to maintain your energy levels
  • Sleep! Being well rested is essential to productive studying

Use the extensive support we offer for peace of mind:

  • For feedback from tutors or fellow students, the Student Area Forum and Student Chat Room are a great place to start
  • Get in touch for general support and advice on how to approach your planning, revision techniques or for study tips

2. Mindset

  • Stay positive!
  • Take regular breaks to refresh yourself and maintain momentum
  • Don’t forget to pause your revision and do something you enjoy every now and then
  • Find a study buddy for mutual support
  • Remember that it isn’t the end of the world if you fail – you can always resit if you need to

Create a sense of achievement:

  • Tick off topics on your revision timetable to get a sense of progress
  • When ready, sit your mock exam to test your knowledge – you’ll be surprised by how far you’ve come!
  • Refer to past papers to reassure yourself of your understanding

3. Repetition

  • Be methodical and create a revision schedule
  • Display flash cards or post-its around the house… find a method that works for you
  • Test yourself or get others to test you
  • Practise what you’ll be tested on
  • Use mnemonics or images to create associations for easy recall during the exam

Use our expertise to help your learning:

  • The course pages in your Student Area offer different delivery methods to aid your learning – listen to the webcasts and do the MCQs as a contrast to your course manual
  • Review and compare the answers in the study exercises, paper papers and revision questions to see the topics from every angle

4. Comprehension

  • The key to success is to understand your topic
  • Repeat the concepts out loud to yourself or explain them to someone else

Take full advantage of all available resources:

  • Course summaries (Level 3) and revision guides (Level 6) provide an overview of the course syllabus
  • Revision Q&As help you apply your knowledge
  • Use past exam papers with suggested answers (except for Level 3 Unit 1) as practice aids
  • The tutor feedback on your study exercises and mock exam will identify any gaps you may have
  • Not forgetting the CILEx syllabus and exam pre-release case study (practice subjects only) for your course!

5. Preparation

  • Confirm the exam venue and look it up!
  • Work out your journey time and allow yourself plenty of leeway to get to the location
  • Don’t forget to bring your exam permit(s), ID, pens…
  • Familiarise yourself with the exam format and learn to read and select exam questions
  • Relax!

We’re here to help every step of the way:

  • If you have any final niggles, use the Student Area tutor forum to ask an expert tutor directly
  • Our revision sessions provide a great opportunity to speak with subject experts but you can also email us or call us