Revision videos

Getting started

Time to start thinking about revision.

Revision timetabling

Not sure where to start your revision? Creating a timetable is a great way to get focused and organised.

Approaching your studies

What revision methods work best for you?

Preparing for your revision session or revision day

Are you attending a revision session or revision day? Here is what you need to know.

The benefit of revision sessions/ revision days

Why you should attend.

The CLS team support

We have a team of experts on hand to help you prepare. Here is how to get in touch.

Asking questions

There are no silly questions! If you don’t know or aren’t sure about something, get in touch!

Revision notes and learning techniques

Revision is not one-size fits all. Here are some tips and suggestions for you to try out for size.

Creating memory pathways

The more you practise the better you get… the same goes for your exam prep!

CILEx past papers

Find out more about CILEx exam past papers and where to find them.

Approaching your CILEx exam prep

Planning your exam prep is key.

Your CLS CILEx mock exam

Reminder: we recommend that you submit your CLS CILEx mock exam at least 4 weeks before the exam.

The CILEx Level 3 exam marking scheme

Understanding the structure of the CILEx Level 3 law and practice exam papers can make all the difference.

Keeping your motivation up

Here are some tips to stay motivated in the last few weeks of your revision.

Balancing exam prep and the festive season

With the Christmas holidays looming it can be hard to stay focused on revision.

Preparing for your exam

Don’t forget to put together your pre-exam to do checklist. Here are a few items to add to it.

Making time to study

While juggling family and study can be tough but, with some planning, it is achievable.

Progressing from Level 3 to Level 6

Are you doing a CILEx Level 6 exam for the first time?

Good luck with your exams

The CLS team has some final thoughts for you in the lead up to the CILEx exams.