Job roles in other organisations – working as a caseworker for your local police force

This article is part of our Job roles in law series which explores some of the legal sector’s practice areas and the associated job roles which may offer a starting point for someone looking to start a career in law.

What’s involved?

Caseworkers are responsible for creating and maintaining police files on individual cases according to specified timescales and procedures.

 What jobs are there for non-qualified staff?

There are entry-level roles available which seek administrative and organisational skills.

 What job titles will be advertised by recruitment agencies?

Caseworker, case builder, police administrator.

What CILEx units will support my application for these job roles?

We have a special distance learning course for police caseworkers, the Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration which was developed for police forces and is only available to those already employed. We recommend that you ask your supervisor about this if you are already a police employee working in case-building. If you are not yet employed in the criminal justice sector and wish to demonstrate your interest in this area, we recommend that you enrol on courses leading to the CILEx Level 3 Certificate in Law and Practice (Criminal Litigation). As well as an introductory unit you will study Criminal Law, Criminal Litigation and two professional skills units.

If you already have a law degree, you can achieve your CILEx Graduate Fast-track Diploma by studying Level 6 Criminal Litigation, Level 6 Client Care Skills and one other CILEx Level 6 practice unit of your choice, which we recommend should relate to a law unit studied as part of your degree.