Job roles in other organisations – working for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) as caseworker

This article is part of our Job roles in law series which explores some of the legal sector’s practice areas and the associated job roles which may offer a starting point for someone looking to start a career in law.


The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is a government body responsible for prosecuting people for crimes committed in England and Wales. The CPS employs caseworkers to build prosecution files.

What’s involved?

Before prosecuting anyone for a crime, the CPS needs to have sufficient evidence in place to convince a judge or jury, beyond reasonable doubt, that the defendant has committed the offence. Caseworkers are responsible for gathering evidence, liaising with witnesses and helping to put cases together under supervision.

What jobs are there for non-qualified staff?

Most CPS caseworkers are not legally qualified. The CPS offers paralegal apprenticeships for those looking to enter the profession, while there are also jobs such as casework assistants and administrative officers.

What job titles will be advertised by recruitment agencies?

Caseworker, casework assistant, administrative officer, apprentice casework officer.

What CILEx units will support my application for these job roles?

We have a special distance learning course for CPS caseworkers, the Certificate in Criminal Prosecution, which was developed for the CPS and is only available to CPS employees.  We recommend that you ask your supervisor about this if you are already a CPS employee working in case-building. We also have a CPS apprenticeship programme, which incorporates relevant training, and so please keep an eye on our vacancies page.  If you are not yet employed in the criminal justice sector and wish to demonstrate your interest in this area we recommend that you enrol on courses leading to the CILEx Level 3 Certificate in Law and Practice (Criminal Litigation). As well as an introductory unit you will study Criminal Law, Criminal Litigation and two professional skills units.

If you already have a law degree, you can achieve your CILEx Graduate Fast-track Diploma by studying Level 6 Criminal Litigation, Level 6 Client Care Skills and one other CILEx Level 6 practice unit of your choice, which we recommend should relate to a law unit studied as part of your degree.