Revision webinar sessions for the June 2021 CILEx exams

Join us for some essential exam preparation this Spring at our upcoming revision events. Our online sessions are available at both Level 3 and Level 6, and cover all law and practice areas. Don’t miss out on a place!

“I thought the sessions were very useful and would like to have the option to do webinars in the future when I enrol on other units” – Level 3 student

Prepare for your exams with a leading provider

CLS is the longest established provider of CILEx courses: our students have been trusting us for over 35 years. As a long-standing distance learning specialist, we are experienced and set to deliver high-quality online tutoring.

Our results speak for themselves: learners enrolled with CLS consistently achieve higher pass rates than the CILEx national average. In the September 2020 exam session, the CLS Level 3 pass rate was 83%, whilst our Level 6 learners achieved a pass rate of 78%, significantly above the CILEx pass rates. Over a third of our Level 3 learners obtained a Distinction or Merit grade.

What to expect from your revision webinars

Led by highly experienced, specialist and hand-picked tutors, our revision events are designed specifically to engage, challenge and empower you to succeed in your CILEx exams – in fact, 86% of respondents to a recent revision webinar feedback questionnaire agreed their revision tutors were interactive and engaging, and 80% of respondents agreed tutors provided useful guidance on exam technique! They, together with the associated revision materials, will provide you with the building blocks to achieve success.

Join remotely and enjoy excellent CLS tutoring

Interact with your tutor and other learners

Ask questions and get clarification on key concepts

Participate and test yourself with real-time activities

Access high-quality resources before and after

How to book your place

The revision sessions will be held by webinar and will be available to both CLS and non-CLS students. They will take place from 24 April to 23 May 2021, and will run as a series of one-and-half-hour webinars (two sessions at Level 3 and four sessions at Level 6).  We will also be providing our usual high-quality and course-specific revision resources alongside the revision webinars.

  • CLS students can book onto a revision webinar for the January 2021 exams subject to a small administration fee (£10 incl. VAT) and can book onto a webinar by logging in to the CLS CRM portal and clicking onto the ‘Book an event’ page.
  • Non-CLS students can book onto a revision webinar for a fee (£145 incl. VAT at Level 3 and £285 incl. VAT at Level 6). Bookings can be made by logging in to the CLS CRM portal and clicking onto the ‘Book an event’ page.

The deadline by which to book a place on a revision webinar is 14 April 2021.

If you have any queries in relation to revision webinars, please complete our general enquiry form.

Course Summaries & Revision Guides

Our course summaries at Level 3 and revision guides at Level 6 are essential revision aids. They focus on key syllabus topics and those which you might find the most difficult to understand. 

The Level 6 revision guides also relate topics to relevant questions in past exam papers. 

Course summaries and revision guides for all Level 3 and Level 6 law and practice units are available and will be supplied in electronic format. 

What our students say

“I thought the sessions were very useful and would like to have the option to do webinars in the future when I enrol on other units”

CLS Level 3 learner

“Revision questions allowed the host to focus on the key areas of each essay/problem question which helped me to extract key information which may be otherwise more challenging to identify. The revision guide was very helpful with the Hints and Tips for subsequent examinations as well as highlighting similar questions from previous papers…”

CLS Level 6 learner

“Although I do like and have benefited from the face to face revision sessions in the past, the online webinars are so much more accessible and easier”

Non-CLS Learner