Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration

This is a course developed especially for police staff involved in the preparation and processing of prosecution cases. The current syllabus is the result of wide-ranging consultation with police forces.

The course is set at roughly ‘A’ level standard. Successful candidates will receive a Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration awarded by CILEx Law School.

The syllabus

The syllabus provides a good working knowledge of both criminal law and procedure, and has been developed and updated in consultation with police managers and training managers. The course is practical in nature and procedurally orientated. The syllabus includes procedures such as the statutory charging scheme and the Criminal Case Management Framework, as well as covering important legislation such as the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 and SOCPA 2005.

Course information

There is a face-to-face induction day with an experienced Criminal Justice tutor, and after that the course is delivered by distance learning. The induction day introduces students to distance learning, and gives them detailed guidance on preparing for, and writing, an assignment. Most importantly, the induction day gives students the motivation and confidence to tackle the work. There are four on-line assignments, and three written assignments. Students receive feedback on their written work from their personal tutor. The marks on all assignments contribute to the overall mark for the course.

The assignments are designed to help students work through and understand the topics. Students are referred to relevant chapters from their course manual and are set assignment questions based on their reading. The on-line assignments test knowledge by multiple choice and similar questioning. Line managers will need to agree a mutually convenient time for students to complete these four assignments at work during four one-hour sessions. The remaining three assignments require students to submit written answers. Students may refer to their course materials for written assignments.

Tutor marking is available for a period of one year from the date of enrolment. The course is intended to be very flexible so that students can work at their own speed. However there are final submission dates for each assignment, to make sure that students make steady progress with their studies throughout the year and are not faced with unrealistic workloads towards the end of the year. We recommend that training managers help students to set a realistic timetable and provide some study leave to prepare for each assignment. Our research shows that students who receive support for their studies from their managers are most likely to complete the course.

The study pack includes three CILEx Law School course manuals and a CJA supplement, three written assignments, three on-line assignments and a student handbook including administrative information and a comprehensive study guide.

Students are also given a password to the course-specific Student Area on the website, where they can pose academic queries to the on-line tutor, as well as gain access to the LexisNexis legal database. Podcasts on selected topics can also be downloaded from the Student Area to help with the understanding and assimilation of legal concepts. Telephone support is available during office hours from CILEx Law School’s academic team.

CILEx Law School will award a Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration to those students who pass all six assignments. Students can re-submit up to two multiple choice assignments and one written assignment if they fail on first submission.

CILEx Law School is committed to the provision of accessible learning and ensuring that all students are afforded equal opportunities throughout their studies. If you require reasonable adjustments in relation to a disability, health condition or learning difficulty, or if you would like additional information, please email our Learner Support Advisor (LSA) at clslearnersupport@cilexlawschool.ac.uk

Course fees include the induction day and the distance learning course. If students pay personally then an instalment option is available. Please contact us for current course fees.

Further study

Certificate holders are exempt from Unit 1 Introduction to Law and Practice, Unit 3 Criminal Law and Unit 11 Criminal Litigation in the new ILEX Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice, which is the first stage of legal executive training. Successful students may also consider enrolling with CILEx Law School on the new CILEx Law School Specialist Course in Disclosure, or on a course leading to a CILEx Level 6 Single Subject Certificate in Criminal Law or Criminal Litigation. The Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration is also recognised by a number of universities to provide access to their part-time law degree course.


This course is open to employees of police forces in England and Wales. If you would like to express interest in this course for your police force please contact Michelle Braddick on 01234 844317 or by email at michelle.braddick@cilexlawschool.ac.uk

Contract: The laws of England and Wales shall apply in all respects and the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Contracting parties: This contract is between CILEx Law School and the student making the application.

Copyright: Copyright in all course materials remains that of CILEx Law School (CLS). Any unauthorised reproduction or transmission of any part of the course materials, whether electronically or otherwise, will constitute an infringement of copyright. No part of the materials may be lent, resold or hired out for any purpose without the prior written permission of CLS.

Duration of tuition: Your course fee will entitle you to receive one year’s tuition from the last day of the month in which your enrolment takes place. Any extension beyond that period will be at the sole discretion of CLS and will be dependent, for example, upon your ability to demonstrate an extenuating circumstance having interrupted your course of study.

Enrolment: You can only enrol on this course if you are employed by the public sector in England and Wales.

Induction day: Attendance at the Induction Day is compulsory, and you should obtain your employer’s approval to your attending this event before completing your application. No refund of any part of the course fees will be given if you fail to attend the induction day for any reason whatsoever.

Non-transferability of course: The course is not transferable to any other person.

Refund: A full refund of the course fee will be given if the course materials are returned to CLS, in good condition and with postage having been pre-paid in full by you, within fourteen days following the date you receive them. Thereafter, provided all materials are returned to CLS, in good condition and with postage having been pre-paid in full by you, before the expiry of a period of four weeks from the date of your course enrolment with CLS, your course fees will be refunded less a charge of £128.00 (inc VAT) to cover the administration and induction day expenses. Refunds will not be given after this four week period has expired.

Extensions: CILEx Law School may, in exceptional circumstances, extend your course for up to three months free of charge. Extensions are given on a discretionary basis and CILEx Law School’s decision is final. Any other extensions will be regarded as reinstatements and fees will apply.

Reinstatement: Reinstatement on a course at a reduced fee is available if your CLS course has expired and if you wish to purchase the same course again. A reinstatement fee of 50% of the then course fee will be payable.

Unreasonable behaviour: We ask that you speak courteously to our staff and do not make excessive or unreasonable demands. If, after a warning, you continue to be discourteous towards CILEx Law School staff and/or make further unreasonable or excessive demands, we may at our discretion either suspend or withdraw your course without a refund. You will also abide by the CLS Student Code of Conduct.

Access to the Student Area: No refund or compensation will be given for periods of non-availability of the Student Area or any of its features.

Course elements not taken up: No partial refund or discount will be given for any course elements that are not taken up. Delivery of course materials: We aim to deliver your course materials within 21 days of receipt of your order, unless we contact you to advise of any delays. CILEx Law School will not accept liability for any claims for losses arising from delivery outside this period.

Email address: You are required to have an email address.

Internet access: It is a condition of your application that you have access to the internet so that you can access the essential course resources on the CILEx Law School Student Area. You also need to satisfy yourself about your ability to use the web-based course resources by reference to the specification provided on our website. You will not be able to complete the course without access to the web-based resources.

Plagiarism: We reserve the right to withdraw our services from any student suspected of copying another student’s work for the assessed assignment on any professional skills course, and to refer the matter to CILEx.

Word processing: You will need to be able to use word processing software (either Microsoft Word or Open Office) in order to complete the course. Please refer to the computer specification on our website for full software and hardware specifications.

CILEx Law School (CLS) is committed to respecting the personal data you supply to us. In order for CLS to deliver your course, we will need to use your data to:

Hold the information you have supplied on the joint management information system used by the CILEx Group (CILEx, CILEx Regulation, CILEx Group Services and CLS) to be used only for the purposes of processing your application and administering your course. In addition, CLS works with a number of software and other suppliers in order to deliver our services to you. The organisations we share your data with may include, but may not be limited to:

  • our print contractor in order to dispatch your course materials;
  • our virtual learning environment software, which we refer to as the Student Area (SA), so you can access and use its functionality. Your name may be displayed to other students enrolled on the same course and will be displayed to other students enrolled with CLS if you post on any of the online Forums. CLS staff will have access to data on your SA usage and activities;
  • our freelance tutors who mark your mock and assessed assignment;
  • the email and survey tool software we use to issue mass communications, including surveys.

Since your course is sponsored by your employer, CLS will share information relating to your progress and performance on this course with your line manager and/or training department, including reporting on your assignment marks and other relevant information.

Data protection legislation gives you a number of rights relating to the use of your data. Please refer to our Data Protection and Privacy policies, which can be found on our website, for further information and contact details should you have any questions or concerns.