Package B (three courses: Intro, Law of Tort and Civil Litigation)

This package includes three CILEx Level 3 courses: Introduction to Law and Practice, one law unit (Law of Tort) and one linked practice unit (Civil Litigation). These contribute towards either the CILEx Level 3 Certificate in Law and Practice or the CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice.

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Who is the course for?

This package will deliver detailed knowledge and skills to give you a good understanding of Law of Tort and how to apply civil law in England and Wales, for example how to collect a debt through the courts or make a claim for personal injury. It contributes to the five-unit CILEx Level 3 Certificate in Law and Practice (Civil Litigation with Law of Tort) qualification and also counts towards the CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice. It is relevant:

  • if you are a paralegal/unqualified member of staff working in a legal department who wishes to learn to progress files in civil matters, and you do not wish to enrol on all five units leading to the Certificate in Law and Practice at the same time.
  • if you are an unqualified member of staff or paralegal working in claims handling in a law firm or a claims organisation but do not need the professional skills units (Client Care Skills and Legal Research Skills) which are included in the wider Certificate.
  • if you are a member of the public who would like to have a better understanding of the law relating to personal injury, how liability is established and what damages are available.

At a glance

  • Includes 3 CILEx Level 3 units

  • Enrol anytime

  • Course valid for 15 months

  • Delivered by supported distance learning

  • Based on the CILEx unit syllabus

  • Includes an induction to studying CILEx courses at Level 3

What’s included

The following units are included in this package:

CILEx Level 3 induction

Attendance at an induction day is included with Unit 1 Introduction to Law and Practice. Most students choose to attend an induction day, and the upcoming dates are shown below. The induction provides details on your course and how to approach legal study, with activities on timetabling and how to answer different styles of question. It will give you a great starting point to get the most out of distance learning.

The induction day is also a great opportunity to meet other students face-to-face, as well as a representative from our Academic Team. As you get closer to your exams you will also have the opportunity to attend a revision session for your law or legal practice units.

Essential course information

In addition to the overview below, you can find further information on the How our CILEx courses work page.

These courses are delivered by supported distance learning, with online, face-to-face and telephone support. There are no fixed enrolment dates so you can enrol at any time of year. The course is valid for fifteen months and you need to complete all the course study exercises and mock assignment within this period.

Each unit will typically take 70 hours to complete including studying and revision. You can decide how you will allocate that time according to your other commitments. There will be at least two exam sessions (January and June each year) within the period of duration of your course, and you can select which you wish to aim for.

These courses are set at A Level standard.

For further information on the course resources please visit the How our CILEx courses work page.

The method of assessment for each type of unit is given below:

  • Unit 1, Intro to Law and Practice: multiple choice test in January and June each year (one hour duration)
  • Units 2-8, law units: examination for each unit in January and June each year (1½ hours’ duration)
  • Units 9-15 and 18-19,  practice units: practical assessment for each unit in January and June each year based on pre-released case study materials ( 1½ hours’ duration)

The exams are set by CILEx. Please see the CILEx information section below for information on exam key dates and deadlines.

CILEx Law School is committed to the provision of accessible learning and ensuring that all students are afforded equal opportunities throughout their studies. If you require reasonable adjustments in relation to a disability, health condition or learning difficulty, or if you would like additional information, please email our Learner Support Advisor (LSA) at

There are no formal entry requirements for the CILEx Level 3 qualifications. However, as the qualifications are at Level 3, CILEx does recommend that students have a minimum of four GCSEs at grades C or above (including English Language or Literature) or equivalent qualifications.

Exemptions are available from some units if you already have an A level, or certain other law qualifications. Before enrolling on any course with us, please contact CILEx to check that you don’t already have exemptions from the related CILEx unit and to confirm any exemption you wish to claim.

Additional fees/costs include, where applicable:

  • Live sessions/workshops: a £10 administration fee per live session/workshop, payable at the time of booking. You may also incur costs associated with attending such events (e.g. travel, accommodation).
  • Professional skills subject champion: a £30 subject champion referral fee, where you require more than the number of markings of the assessed assignment that are included within the course fee. You can purchase a maximum of two subject champion referrals before a course is terminated. Please refer to the Skills Referral Policy for further information.
  • International shipping: where you require your materials shipped internationally (outside mainland GB), you will incur a one-time postage fee of £15 for Europe and £25 for outside Europe.
  • CILEx membership: anyone who wishes to sit a CILEx Level 3 exam or assessment must be a current member of CILEx. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with and stay up to date on CILEx membership rules and regulations to ensure that you have met their conditions. You are responsible for paying the CILEx membership fee. Refer to for further information.
  • Exam registration: Enrolment on a course does not constitute exam entry. You are responsible for registering to enter the relevant CILEx exam including paying the exam entry fee and making the relevant arrangements, particularly if you live overseas as you will be required to locate and organise your own external examination centre.

CILEx information

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) is the CILEx membership body. You will deal with CILEx in matters relating to exams registration, locations and fees, as well as those relating to your CILEx membership.

Below you will find information on fees relating to membership and exams, as well as exam key dates and deadlines set by CILEx.

You will need to become a member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) in order to sit CILEx exams or assessments. The grade of member depends on your current status:

  • If you are enrolling on your first CILEx Level 3 course: you will join as a Student Member
  • Once you successfully pass your first CILEx Level 3 exam: you attain Affiliate Membership
  • Upon completion of the CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice: you progress to Associate Member status and are entitled to use the ACILEx designatory letters

You must register as a member with the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx), and pay the annual membership fee, to be eligible to enter the exam. The amount payable depends on the relevant membership level.

The CILEx subscription year runs from 1 January to 31 December each year. Depending on when you join during the membership year the membership fee will be calculated on a pro-rata basis from the date of registration to 31 December.

Exams are held in January and June every year. When you enrol with us on a course we do not specify which exam session you should register for, as our courses are designed to offer maximum flexibility. You may have a lot of available time and wish to enter the first available exam, or you may need to use the full period of your course if you are fitting your studies around many other commitments. If you would like advice on which exam session to aim for, and how to use the exam sessions to spread your academic workload across the year, please contact us.

Each CILEx law and practice unit is examined by an unseen exam. The skills units, Client Care and Legal Research, are assessed by written assignment. An exam fee is payable for each exam you enter.

Payment options

We offer a number of payment options so you can select the one which works best for you.

Online. Enrol now by clicking on ‘Buy online’ at the top of this page and following the checkout process.

By BACS. Download and complete the application form at the top of this page and email it to for further instructions. An instalment option is available if paying by BACS. See the application form for details.

Payment by your employer or a third party. If your employer or a third party is paying your fees please download and complete the application form at the top of this page and email it to for further instructions. The instalment option is not available.

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