Revision resources

CILEx Law School’s revision resources are designed especially to improve your chances of success in the CILEx exams.

What we offer

We offer revision resources to support your Level 3 and Level 6 studies. These are available to both CILEx Law School and non-CILEx Law School students. If you are not studying with CILEx Law School, you can purchase these resources as freestanding items.

Online revision sessions for the January 2021 CILEx exams

In line with current Covid-19 guidance, in order to ensure the safety of our students, tutors and staff, we will continue to offer all revision sessions entirely by way of webinar this winter.  CLS revision webinars at both Levels 3 and 6 will be running from 16 November to 13 December 2020 and are available to CLS and non-CLS students.

Each will run as a series of one-and-a-half hour webinars (two webinars for Level 3 subjects and four webinars for Level 6 subjects). We will still offer our usual high-quality and course-specific revision resources alongside the revision webinars.

As these are extremely popular, and spaces are limited, please book early to avoid missing out.

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Revision sessions and revision days

We recommend that all CILEx students should attend one of our intensive face-to-face revision courses, which are available for all CILEx Level 3 (half-day revision session) and Level 6 (full-day revision day) law and practice units.

More than a thousand students attend each year, and the feedback we receive suggests that they make all the difference.

The fee includes the Course Summary/Revision Guide and other revision materials.

Course summaries and revision guides

Our course summaries at Level 3 and revision guides at Level 6 are essential revision aids. They focus on key syllabus topics and those which you might find the most difficult to understand. 

The Level 6 revision guides also relate topics to relevant questions in past exam papers. 

Course summaries and revision guides for all Level 3 and Level 6 law and practice units are available and will be supplied in electronic format. 

CILEx Law School students

These resources are all included within the cost of your distance learning course.

If you are enrolled with us, please make sure you book your revision course using the form provided on the Student Area. The course summaries/revision guides are uploaded there too.