Notary public training

Notary public training

Our CILEx Level 6 courses can be used to fill in any gaps that you need to comply with the Faculty Office’s requirements. These are recognised by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury for this purpose.

What can I study?

If you wish to qualify as a Notary Public you need to have studied a list of subjects prescribed by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Although most prospective Notaries are already solicitors or barristers, or have a law degree, not all of them have studied the necessary subjects. The Faculty Office also has rules regarding the currency of qualifications, and some applicants are required to refresh subjects which they have already studied in the past.

The Notaries Society is the representative body for Notaries practising in England and Wales and provides further information on what a Notary is and the route to qualification. CILEx Law School offers distance learning study options. The relevant courses that we offer are as follows:

Notaries Society Subject CILEx Level 6 unit to study
Public/Constitutional Law CILEx Level 6 Unit 12 Public Law
Law of Property CILEx Level 6 Unit 9 Land Law
Law of Contract CILEx Level 6 Unit 2 Contract Law
The Law of the European Union CILEx Level 6 Unit 6 European Union Law
Equity and the Law of Trusts CILEx Level 6 Unit 5 Equity and Trusts
Conveyancing CILEx Level 6 Unit 17 Conveyancing
Business Law and Practice CILEx Level 6 Unit 16 The Practice of Company and Partnership Law
Wills, Probate and Administration CILEx Level 6 Unit 21 Probate Practice

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