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We have been delivering courses to employees in the criminal justice sector for many years, including to police forces throughout England and Wales.

Do you work in the criminal justice sector?

The Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration

The Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration is a course designed for file builders in police forces, and covers criminal law, criminal procedures and police policy.

We have taught over 2500 police staff and the course has evolved over the years to take account of changes to the criminal justice system and police initiatives. We have two intakes every year, and usually teach this course to cohorts of police staff enrolling together under the sponsorship of their employer. If you would like to find out more we would be happy to discuss the syllabus with you, or your learning and development manager. The course is delivered by distance learning and we offer an in-house induction for groups of students enrolling together.

The CLS Specialist Course in Disclosure

The CLS Specialist Course in Disclosure is designed for Disclosure and Investigation Officers. It is also highly relevant for Evidence Assessors and Decision Makers and staff in criminal justice units and prosecutorial agencies involved in considering material in criminal investigations. The course is available for enrolment by distance learning to any individual who is interested in improving their understanding of this crucial area of criminal justice administration.

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