Our approach

CILEx Law School has been delivering legal training since 1983 and we have over 4,000 students studying by distance learning at any one time. All our courses are in law or associated subjects, so we are specialists in our field.

Helping you achieve your goals

Everyone you speak to about your course at CILEx Law School will know about law and legal practice. You would expect that of our Academic Team, but our Customer Service Team also study our courses so that they have first-hand experience when they talk to you.

So no matter whether you are an aspiring solicitor or Chartered Legal Executive, legal support staff, or work for a local authority, in a government department or a commercial organisation, we are confident that we can give you the skills and knowledge that you need to progress in your chosen career.

What we offer

Our mission is ‘to provide effective, high-quality and accessible training to meet the needs of those wishing to gain professional or vocational legal qualifications. We strive for professionalism, innovation and flexibility in course delivery, and excellence in customer service’. The key methods by which we have translated that mission into our courses are listed below:

Our course resources vary according to the type of course being studied to ensure that they reflect the style of question that you will meet in your exam. This gives you the best preparation possible to achieve success.

Students learn in different ways, and the content of our courses reflects this. Read through our course pages and you will find references to videos and tutor-monitored discussion forums as well as the more traditional course manuals and assignments. All our CILEx Level 3 and CILEx Level 6 courses in law and legal practice now incorporate a face-to-face element. Flexibility is the key – if you cannot attend, we will assist you by telephone or on the course forums instead.

We use subject specialists to write and update our course materials and to mark your written study exercises. Our course manuals are updated annually and our CILEx law and practice manuals are complemented by updates in autumn and spring to ensure that your knowledge will be up to date for the January and June exams. In-house editing ensures that materials are laid out and presented in a format that is easy to read and digest.

Our courses are extremely accessible by the nature of our course format – your course comes to you, rather than the other way round. If you do not have the recommended qualifications for any of our courses then you can start with a lower-level course that will give you the confidence and knowledge to progress.

As well as our quality, up-to-date printed materials, you will receive online course resources. Academic support is provided by a tutor-monitored course forum, an academic telephone helpline and, in many cases, face-to-face teaching through our induction and revision courses.

Course materials for law and practice subjects always include study exercises so that you get to grips with the subject matter. You will send these to your personal tutor who will comment on your work to make sure that you have understood all the issues before you sit your exam.

Our academic staff are all law graduates or qualified solicitors. We ensure that we have the right people with the right competencies to do the job. We are committed to staff training to achieve the highest level of service and performance across all departments.

We use modern teaching methods to accompany our traditional printed materials. Our Student Area delivers each student’s on-line resources through one personalised portal, so you only need to log on once to have the resources for all your courses at your fingertips.

You can start your course at any time of year and proceed at the pace that suits you, whatever your commitments. We try our very best to make your study fit in with your life, rather than the other way around. With the exception of formal legal apprenticeships and our LLB in Legal Practice, most courses have open enrolment, so that you can join us when it suits you, and progress at the pace that you can manage.

If you want to work through the course quickly and sit the exams at the first possible opportunity, then we’ll help you to do so. If you have many other commitments you can spread your learning over the full course period, which is usually twelve or fifteen months depending on the course. Personalised learning space on our web-based Student Area means you can access course resources at home or at work. You can take your learning with you.

We have rigorous customer service standards in place to ensure that we achieve your goals. At all times our Customer Service Team is on hand to support you as you go along.They are available during office hours to answer queries you may have about any aspect of your studies.

We want your experience with us to be as good as possible. Our service targets ensure a speedy response to administrative and academic queries received by telephone or on the course forums. Customer service is as important to us as it is to you, so we promise to keep you informed on matters which might affect your course as they arise.

Getting advice

Before you enrol with us we want you to understand all the options to make sure you select the best course for you, taking account of your previous educational and employment experience. We recommend that you read through the course pages and familiarise yourself with the level of study and what is involved. Please do call us on 01234 844300 for advice on course selection, or to confirm your choice. We look forward to hearing from you.

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