Bespoke courses

Bespoke Courses

CILEx Law School offers customised training courses for the legal profession, and for corporate or not-for-profit organisations whose business requires knowledge of some aspect of law or legal practice. We also have a lot of experience in delivering courses for the public sector, including most recently a bespoke course for Highways England.

Training that meets your requirements

We develop and deliver training at the level, and in the format, that best suits your needs. You may simply require a day’s in-house training such as the introductory session on the English Legal System that we delivered to casework administrative staff in the RSPCA. Alternatively you may need a fully customised distance learning course such as the one we developed for Garwyn, a firm of liability adjusters, as featured in our case studies. We have also developed many courses for prosecutorial authorities.

Course content will depend on the nature of your organisation and your training objectives.

In many cases we can offer a cost-effective solution by modifying existing CILEx Level 3, CILEx Level 6 or public sector courses to take account of your specific requirements. For example we could keep elements of an existing course, and add or remove content to ensure your staff only spend time learning what they need to know to do their jobs effectively. Some organisations like to add chapters covering their internal procedures. For the Highways England contract we added sections on highway law, compulsory purchase, planning law and related policies and procedures to our Level 3 material on land law and conveyancing.

We are also able to offer a service to organisations who may wish to subcontract elements of a public sector contract. For example if your organisation has recently won a tender which includes an element of legal training for sales or customer service staff then we would be happy to help.

Typical content might include:

  • Contracts training for purchasing officers
  • Employment law training for HR officers
  • Training in the law of tort for insurance company staff
  • Training in property matters for staff in mortgage companies and banks
  • Training for charitable organisations in family law or law relating to the elderly.

Our bespoke courses range from face-to-face tutorials through to full distance learning courses. We will customise the course to suit your needs. Our distance learning courses for the police and CPS all include an integral face-to-face induction day to brush up on study skills and to get students started on their first assignment. Distance learning students will always have access to on-line resources such as our tutor-monitored internet Forums through our Student Area.

Again there are a number of options, depending on the nature of the course itself. Assessment can range from on-line multiple choice questions to a three hour unseen exam, depending on the level of study involved. CILEx Law School will award a certificate of completion to all students submitting and passing all of the reading and study assignments which make up the coursework of any distance learning course.
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