Create your own academy

Create your own academy

Creating an in-house academy is an ideal way of delivering strategic staff development goals. We can work with you to develop current members of your support staff into valuable fee earners, or to recruit and train young talent to be your lawyers of the future.

Tailored alternatives to suit your needs

Many firms are creating in-house academies with the support of CILEx Law School, using CILEx qualifications for targeted staff development. The wide range of CILEx units allows for selection of law and practice subjects so that learning can be closely matched to your business needs.

Cohorts of employees are trained together according to their current qualifications and experience. For example, non-graduates start with a CILEx Level 3 paralegal qualification in their area of legal practice, while law graduates can study for the CILEx Graduate Fast-track Diploma. These ‘academy’ programmes can be integrated into your staff development policies, creating competent employees trained exactly to meet your business needs.

How it works

A member of our Business Team will be the account manager for your academy training initiative, and will work with your Learning and Development Team on an ongoing basis during set-up and delivery.

Delivery is based on our supported distance learning courses, but with additional teaching at your premises. We can deliver an in-house induction to start the students off, and provide topic-based teaching sessions to groups of staff who study the same course. We have a team of regionally-based teachers who work with our academy clients in this way.

For each course, students have the opportunity to submit assignments and a mock exam for marking ahead of the CILEx exams. Your account administrator will provide regular reports which will allow you to assess which members of staff are on track and to keep abreast of their engagement with their studies. Exam results are communicated to the Learning and Development Manager as soon as they are published.

Other options

We can also give advice on progression for members of staff as they work through their CILEx exams: for example moving on from a CILEx Level 3 Certificate to complete the CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma.

Legal apprenticeships now offer another option for in-house training and development of young people.

Tailored to suit your objectives

If you are looking to recruit school leavers to train as support staff, or to develop law graduates as paralegals or qualified lawyers, then let us help you meet these goals. We can use either off-the-shelf courses or a tailored programme to meet your specific objectives:

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