Develop your law graduates

An employee who is a law graduate is well on the way to becoming a Chartered Legal Executive lawyer. The benefits of developing your staff are considerable, and the total cost is considerably less expensive than the Legal Practice Course.

Completing their training

To satisfy the academic requirements for Graduate Membership of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, a law graduate needs to pass the CILEx Graduate Fast-track Diploma, which comprises two Level 6 legal practice units and the Level 6 Client Care Skills unit.

They will need to complete a three-year qualifying employment period, one of which must be after they have completed the Diploma. It is the likely that the work your staff are currently doing can be counted towards your qualifying employment.

The benefits

Your law graduates will also study advanced client care skills (negotiation and complaints handling), giving you the peace of mind that they possess the skills to achieve the best outcomes for your clients.

The client care skills course is a serious piece of work taking up to 70 hours’ study time, resulting in real improvements in the client-facing role.

Your law graduate staff will not have studied legal practice formally, so the detailed knowledge they gain in legal process and procedures will make them more productive. The wide choice of practice subjects offered means that your staff can select two practice subjects to reflect their precise training requirements. The recommended study time for each course is 150 hours. The courses, which are set at LPC-level, include:

So, for example, if you wanted to develop the graduate paralegals in your employment department you would choose the Practice of Employment Law and Civil Litigation. They will also study Client Care Skills.

By offering your law graduates this training and career path, you will recruit the candidates you want and be in a position to manage that talent. Increased staff satisfaction will mean that you experience a reduced attrition rate.

The low staff turnover will boost your firm’s productivity and client work, and the improved customer service will strengthen your customers’ loyalty.

You may be able to use higher charge-out rates for your law graduates’ time.

Having completed the CILEx Graduate Fast-track Diploma and the required period of qualifying employment to become Chartered Legal Executive lawyers, your law graduates can command a higher hourly rate. This is a minimum of £35 more per hour for Chartered Legal Executives than for paralegals, under the guideline rates for summary assessment of costs.

Legal apprenticeships

The Chartered Legal Executive Apprenticeship is open to law graduates and includes all of CILEx’s academic, qualifying employment and work-based learning requirements.